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Whispering Pines Retreat House.


This stately home of the Hen House collection is characterized by its historical elements and is dedicated to the founders of the Wildwoods, The Baker Brothers.

Steeped with modern decor and remnants of the past, this unique space shares the journey of how the Baker Brothers transformed our five-mile island from a wild forest to the sought-out summer destination of the Wildwoods.

Maple Grove House


Themed after Captain Doug’s Porter, this nautical-inspired house offers an airy coastal vibe reflective of our local fishing industry.

This 2-story, 2-bedroom home is characterized by natural seaside elements and vintage remnants of the Barbara Pauline, Capt. Doug’s commercial fishing boat.

The spacious comfort of this home makes for a perfect shore getaway for anyone craving salt air and sandy toes.

Serenity House


This vibrantly decorated house includes unique retro touches that give guests a big dose of nostalgia.

This is perfect for the enthusiastic thrill seeker who wants to time warp to when sleeping on the beach 7 days a week and partying until the morning bright was all part of those Wild Wild Wildwood Days; to the days when every night was a Saturday night.

Colorful elements, sweeping angles, and retro artwork all characterize this doo-wop-inspired home.

Mellow Meadows House.


Thoughtfully designed with a modern classic vibe, the 1883 House is for those who seek the new over the known.

This two-bedroom, two-story modern traditional house offers an eclectic mix of classic style with modern conveniences. Enjoy the journey with the nostalgic elements reflecting the first passenger train that came through the Wildwoods in 1883 that locals called the “Mud Hen”.

Plain Comfort House


Presenting the crown jewel of the Hen Houses micro resort, a stately four-bedroom Wildwood house rental, purposefully crafted to cater to large family gatherings looking to embrace the beach life and explore the wonders of Wildwood.

Boasting three full bathrooms, this grand manor provides ample space for comfort and convenience. The fully equipped kitchen serves as the heart of the home, ready to inspire culinary delights and shared meals. For downtime entertainment, the dedicated recreation room offers the perfect setting for playful competition and family fun.

A unique feature of this exquisite Wildwood rental is its tranquil meditation room, a serene haven for quiet reflection or yoga practice, offering an opportunity to refresh the mind amidst the excitement of your beach getaway.

This magnificent manor is more than just a rental; it’s a gateway to unforgettable family moments, beachside adventures, and the pleasure of Wildwood’s vibrant surroundings. Embark on your memorable Wildwood journey with us – where every day feels like a beach day.



Your flight needs to arrive before 2pm at Managua or Liberia International Airport to make the SYB bus transfers to Playa Maderas from Managua (2 1/2 hours) or Liberia (3 1/2 hours).

We’ll get to know each other and our amazing location. Dinner is served at 9pm, dancing is rampant, lights go low, and the disco balls come out. Where this night takes you is your story. This is just day 1.


Get ready to experience SYB to its fullest. We begin with wake-up calls, more on this later, and go straight into morning workouts, beach games, a dip in the ocean to clean up, and a hearty breakfast, all before it’s even 9am.

We’ll take a chill moment to soak everything by the pool and later head to the beach for surf lessons, tacos, a cold beer, and many good laughs with your new friends. Save some energy for an epic sunset yoga session and then to our open bar happy hour by the pool!


We take in a full morning of workouts, then make our way to the marina for a day on a catamaran. This is truly one of the highlights of this trip as we head to a white sand beach to snorkel, enjoy fresh food on the boat and enjoy drinks sailing into the sunset.

Dinner will be at our spot. Believe us, we’ve earned this grub today!

Experience it all



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